What is the Flagstaff Soccer Club?

The Flagstaff Soccer Club (FSC) was formed in 1988. It was originally named the “Flagstaff Snow Devils” and began with one team. The Club was established to provide youth in Flagstaff and the surrounding areas an opportunity to participate in organized and competitive soccer.  FSC has developed into the premier soccer development program in northern Arizona. The club has three major programs: Micro Soccer, Academy, and Flagstaff United. FSC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization affiliated with the Arizona Youth Soccer Association (AYSA) and the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA).



What is the Academy program all about?
Academy soccer is a very common, popular, and effective way to train youth soccer players in foreign soccer clubs, and is becoming a staple within the United States youth soccer system.  It is commonly known as "Group or Pool Training," or "Ability-Based Training."  The Academy is meant to be a link between our Micro Soccer and our competative program - Flagstaff United.  We want to provide players with a more organized training setting that focuses on their individual needs.  It provides players with the structure and coaching expertise of Flagstaff United without the increased expense, time, and competition that go with our travelling teams.



How is Academy different from Micro Soccer?

Academy is similar to Micro Soccer in that the main focus will be fun and enjoyment of the game.  However, it will be done with a structured, long-term emphasis on skill acquisition and individual player development, with an eye towards preparing them to phase into our competitive program with the necessary skills to be successful there when they are ready.


My child was the best player on his Micro Soccer team last season, and we want him to be challenged.  Will Academy provide him that opportunity?
Academy is meant to provide opportunities for young soccer players to excel and learn in a dynamic environment that meets the changing needs of players.  A player that is the star one week may struggle with a new skill the next week, so we adapt our program to help them.  And similarly, a player that struggles in Week 1, may improve so dramatically in a short period of time that his or her development may require more challenges to meet their needs.



I coached Micro Soccer last season and really enjoyed it, and would like to continue coaching in the Academy.  Is there anything special I need to do to be an Academy Coach?

For this program to work well, we will continue to need the help of parent coaches.  While academy training will be run by the Academy Director and Academy Staff coaches, the parent academy coaches will work closely with the staff coaches during training.  All Volunteer Coaches for Academy will need to complete background checks prior to participating as coaches. Volunteer Parent Academy Coaches will also serve as Head Coaches for the Academy Teams that practice once per week and play games on Sundays.  We will also offer coaching education opportunities before the beginning of every season, and have a mid-season Academy Coaches meeting to check in with all of the coaches and parent coaches.  We will also encourage parent coaches to take one of the youth modules of the USSF coaching certifications. All coaches, regardless of level and including professional coaches, can benefit from these useful tools.



My child has a friend who lives down the street from us, and it would make it really easy on us if they could be on the same team.  Is that possible?
If you have player requests, indicate that in the "Notes" section during registration and email the Academy Director at  While we cannot guarantee placement requests, we will do our best to accommodate them.



When will practices take place?
There are technically two practices per week:  a Skills Training practice and a Team practice. The Skills Training practice includes all players of similar age and are conducted by the Academy Director. These practices will focus on improving the player's individual abilities. The Team practices are led by the Team Coach and only involve those members of a particular team. The Team practices focus on communication, passing, and positioning.
 The time and day of the Team Practice will be chosen by the coach of that team. We know that families are busy and kids play other sports and participate in other activities.  We definitely encourage that!  So we know that on occasion players may not be able to make every single practice during every week.  That is okay; we encourage clear communication between the family and the Team Coach if a player cannot make it to specific game or practice.



How are soccer games organized?
Each Sunday during the season, there will be jamboree-style games where our Academy teams play each other in a friendly setting.  The games are used to work on all aspects of soccer that  they have practiced at Academy Skills Training and at their Academy team practices.  The focus is still on fun and experimentation, with no emphasis on score or winning.  The Academy players should feel free to experiment, take chances, and express their abilities on the soccer field without the fear of making a mistake, getting yelled at, or losing playing time.



How much does it cost?

Academy costs $105 and after March 31 will be $115. This covers the 9-week program that includes the 2 days per week of training (Academy Skills training as well as Team practice) and the Sunday games. It also includes an Academy jersey, socks, City field rental fees, referees, and staff. There are scholarships available to players based on financial need. The registration fee for a player with a scholarship is half  what the player would otherwise pay. To apply for a scholarship, you will need to email the Academy Director and provide documentation for one of the following: Nutrition Assistance, WIC, or AHCCCS.



OK, I am sold.  When does this take place?
Academy holds two season's per year. There is a spring season that usually starts in April, and a fall season that starts in August. Click here to find more information about this season's dates.