Flagstaff Soccer Club believes that being upfront and clear about costs is one way that we earn your trust. The cost breakdown that follows refers to FSC's competitive program - Flagstaff United. Follow these links to get cost information for Micro Soccer or Academy.


Flagstaff United is more expensive than an all-volunteer program (e.g. AYSO) and less expensive than other club teams. We believe that when you compare the cost with the quality of instruction and overall experience, Flagstaff United provides the best value in all of northern Arizona.


The FSC cost model includes a registration fee and a monthly participation fee. The registration fee is required for your player to be assigned to a team roster.  Please register before July 15 so we can start planning our season. The registration fee helps to pay for:

  1. Director of Coaching fund

  2. AYSA player registration fee

  3. AYSA insurance

  4. City of Flagstaff field use fees

  5. Field development fund

  6. FSC administration costs

The monthly fees pay for:

  1. Coaching expenses

  2. Field use fees including up to 75 minutes/week of indoor winter practice time. Field space may be shared with another team.

  3. Referee fees

  4. Tournament entry fees

  5. U8-U10 teams will participate in up to four (4) club-funded tournaments per season

  6. U11-U14 teams will participate in up to six (6) club-funded tournaments per season

  7. U15-U18 teams will participate in up to four (4) club-funded tournaments per season

  8. Entrance into the United Cup and Northern Arizona Invitational tournaments (dependent on whether volunteer responsibilities have been met)

  9. State and Open League expenses will count as one (1) of the team's club-funded tournaments

  10. State Cup or Presidents Cup will count as one (1) of the team's club-funded tournaments


These fees do not include costs for uniforms,  indoor practice facilities and travel expenses,  (gas, meals, and hotel). Uniforms cost approximately $75 for U8-U10 players and $110 for U11-U19 players.


Individual team fundraising may be utilized to offset fees for the team as a whole.


Payments can be made by credit card through or by check through US Mail. Payments are due the first (1) day of every month. If payments are not received by the fifteenth (15) of every month, players can be suspended from matches and/or practices.


Below is a table that outlines the cost structure. Almost all players enroll in August or September, but if your child joins later in the season certain cost allowances are made. Players wanting to join Flagstaff United in mid-season are welcome to apply, but are not guaranteed to be placed on a team.

2021 / 2022 Registration Fee & Dues