Flagstaff United is the name of our award-winning competative program. Flagstaff Soccer Club embraces a full development concept taking children as young as 4 years old and teaching them a love for the game. Even though not all Micro Soccer and Academy participants will want to participate at the next level, a good number of these kids will excel in their individual soccer skills and learn the intricacies of teamwork. The culmination of the FSC philosophy is to join the roster of a competative travel team - Flagstaff United. Flagstaff United registers approximately 20 teams per year with Arizona Youth Soccer Association (AYSA) and U.S. Soccer. Teams may form as young as U7 ("7 years old and under") and continue until age U18. Our coaches conduct annual evaluations in order to place players at their highest competitive level. Traveling teams participate in tournaments throughout Arizona and the southwest. As players enter high school, many of our coaches will showcase players for college recruitment.

2004 Girls - 2019 Max Shacknai
2004 Girls - 2019 Vegas Showcase
2008 Boys - 2020 Desert Classic
2009 Boys - 2019 CDO
2002 Boys - 2019 Max Shacknai
2000 2001 Boys 2019 CDO
2011 2012 Girls - 2020 CCV
2008 Boys - 2020 Ostrich
2006 Boys - 2020 Max Shacknai
2007 Boys - 2019 Max Shacknai
'02B Ahwatukee 2016
U12G NAI 2016
U15G Durango Shootout 2016
U18B United Cup 2015
U18G United Cup 2015
U11G Durango Shootout 2016
U18G Northern Az Invitational 2015
U12B Ahwatukee Foothills Soccer Fest 2013
U13B Patriot's Cup 2015
U16B United Cup 2015
U18 Patriot Cup
U14G Arsenal Challenge 2015
U16B Inferno Cup 2016


Flagstaff United's official season starts on August 1 and ends on July 31. Most teams wrap up their season in May, thus allowing families to vacation in June and July.


Age Groups

Flagstaff United fields teams as young as U7 and as old as U18. Highly skilled players have the opportunity to "play up" -- meaning they are on a team with older players than their birthdate would predict. You cannot "play down". Children who are younger than 7 years old on the preceeding January 1 are asked to join Micro Soccer. Child who are older than 19 by the preceeding January 1 are not eligible to play for Flagstaff United.

Team Composition

The number of players on a team will vary by age. The teams need at least the minimum number of players to field a team. Almost all teams will want a few extra players than the minimum in order to allow substitutions during the game. Consult the table below for minimum team sizes.











The teams are gender separated for the most part (i.e. boys play boys and girls play girls). Girls are allowed to play on a boys team, but boys are not allowed to play on a girls team.



Flagstaff United teams are led by qualified soccer coaches who may or may not be parents of a player. To view our current coaches roster, click here. Head coaches may be assisted by one or more assistant coaches. Interested in possibly coaching a Flagstaff United team? We are always looking for qualified coaches. Click here to fill out a coaching application.



Practice days and times are determined by the coach. In addition to team practices, there is a Skills Clinic that meets once a week. During the winter months practices may be held in an indoor facility. Other months, practices are held outdoors at a local field in Flagstaff.



The number and location of competitive games varies based on the team. Many of our Flagstaff United teams participate in the Arizona Youth Soccer Association's State or Open League. These games occur approximately once a week. Most League teams reside in Phoenix, so making a day trip to Phoenix can occur two to three times per month. Flagstaff United teams will also play in select soccer tournaments that involve multiple teams vying in a playoff structure over the course of a weekend. The quality of our coaches and players often have us playing in the championship game (as witnessed in the pictures shown above).


Flagstaff United is the flagship program of Flagstaff Soccer Club - the premier soccer development and experience in Flagstaff. There are more than 100 players that are members of Flagstaff United each season. If you want to explore more information about Flagstaff United: choose another Flagstaff United topic from the main menu above, click here to read more about this season's details, or feel free to e-mail the Director of Coaching with any questions that you may have.