The 2019/2020 season has begun. If you have an interest in joining a Flagstaff United team or you would like more information about the upcoming season, click on the appropriate coach's name below. This will give you contact information for the coach by which to e-mail your interest or questions.


  • Flagstaff Soccer Club uses GotSoccer to register players for its Flagstaff United program.

  • Before you register for Flagstaff United, you will need to create a GotSoccer profile for your child. If your child has played Micro Soccer or Academy with us before, don't create a new profile; use your child's previous player profile.

  • There is no cost or obligation to make a GotSoccer profile. If this is your child's first season with Flagstaff Soccer Club, following this link: Create GotSoccer Profile

  • Once you have created the player profile, you can go to this link to sign-in and register for this season's Flagstaff United program: 2019/2020 Season Registration

  • The registration cost for the season is $100 per player.

  • 50% financial scholarships are available for families who can provide documentation of one of the following: Nutrition Assistance, WIC, or AHCCCS. If your family qualifies for financial assistance, please contact the Director of Coaching at


Coaches and Assistant Coaches

  • Flagstaff United employs licensed, highly qualified coaches to lead our teams.

  • If you would like to pursue a coaching position with Flagstaff United, folow the link to Coaching Opportunities to begin the application process.

Uniforms (Kits)

Flagstaff Soccer Club uses for uniform purchasing. Contact your coach or manager to find out what pieces of the uniform are required. Also inquire about which jersey numbers are available for your child.  When you have all the information to order your uniform, click this link:

Practice Schedule


Monday (August-September 15th)

Thorpe Softball #4

United Skills: 2012-2009 5:30-6:45 / 2008-2005 6:45-8:00

Goal Keepers: 2011-2009 5:00-6:00 / 2008-2006 6:00-7:00 / 2005-2001 7:00-8:00

Continental Little League #4 04B/03B 6:30-8:00 

Thorpe Softball #4 01G/02G 8:00-9:15


Tuesday (August thru December 1st)

Thorpe Softball Fields TSB

#1 2011G/2012G 5:30-6:45

#1 2010B 5:15-6:30

#1 2007G 6:30-8:00

#1 2008B 6:00-7:30

#2 2010G 5:30-6:45

#2 2009B 6:00-7:15

#3 2008G 5:15-6:30

#3 2007B 6:00-7:30

#3 2005G 6:30-8:00

#3 2004G 6:30-8:00

#4 2009G 5:00-6:15

#4 2006B 5:15-6:45

#4 2005B 6:45-8:15


Wednesday (August thru September 15th)

Cont #4 2003B/2004B 6:45-8:15

Cont #5 6:30-8:30 2001/2002B

Thorpe MP 2011B 5:15-6:45 

Thorpe Sen BB 2009B 5:30-6:45


Thursday (August thru September 15th)

Thorpe MP 2011G 5:15-6:30

Thorpe Sen BB 2009G 5:00-6:15

Thorpe Sen BB 2008B 5:30-7:00 

Thorpe Sen BB 2011B  5:45-7:00

Cont#4 2010G 5:30-6:45

NAU S 2012 B 5:30-6:45)

NAU S 2010B 5:30-6:45)

NAU S 2007B 6:45-8:00 

NAU S 2007G 6:45-8:00

NAU S 2008G 5:30-6:45

NAU S 2006B/2005B 5:30-7:30

NAU S 2005 G 5:30-7:00

NAU S 2004G 6:45-8:30 

NAU S 2001/2002G 6:45-8:30

NAU S 2001B/2002B 7:30-9:00


2019-2020 Season Coaches