2020- 2021 SEASON

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FSC Memorandum: Return to Play Policies (8/24/20)

ASA has progressed to Phase IV of Return to Play, while City of Flagstaff has progressed to Phase 3. The Governor has extended EO 2020-43, leaving the state restricted to groups of 50 at an event. ASA advises that one full size pitch may be considered an event. The club policy, building upon ASA policy, is available at the bottom of this memo. See the policy for specific details. Consult the Director of Coaching for guidance. We are committed to safe and effective return.
FSC Return to Play Protocols and Instructions
  • FSC returns to play on Monday August 24th in ASA Phase I format. Teams will “phase up” or progress upward in each consecutive session until a team reaches ASA Phase IV.
  • Teams will be assigned designated pick/drop off locations at our various training facilities. Players are to enter/exit the facilities from these locations only.
  • Parents/guardians, chaperones or affiliates are strictly not permitted in the facilities. Congregation outside or near facilities is prohibited. Stay in the car, or return later.
  • Masks are required on players and staff during approach/departure from facilities, and while not in active play. Staff will “mask-up” at all times.
  • Bench areas, gear-caches, team meetings etc. will maintain proper social distancing of six feet. Individual resources (water, equipment, clothing, etc) will not be shared.
  • “Carded” or otherwise official personnel (directors, coaches, managers etc) will not provide carpooling. Players will not carpool outside of their main cohort (family, household, caregivers/guardians, eg). Out-of-state and/or air travel is prohibited.
  • Teams are instructed to register only for league play at this stage; consult the Direct of Coaching (DOC) for further guidance.
  • Non-compliance or deviation from club policies can result in severe consequences; note, non-compliant players are to be warned once, then removed from practice and sent home. Repeat offenses will result in suspension and review.
  • Players and staff will self-screen prior to club events. For details, see the ASA COVID Protocols and extensive CDC Advice. FSC will provide a self-screening questionnaire; if players/staff are ill, or display symptoms of COVID 19, they must stay home.
    • Symptoms of COVID 19 must be reported to the club COVID Liaison within 24 hrs of being observed.
    • A positive test must be reported by the member or member’s guardians to the club COVID Liaison within 24 hrs, irrespective of whether symptoms were previously reported.
    • Players do not report symptoms or tests to ASA, coaches, managers or directors; the report must go only to the COVID Liaison.
    • FSC will report positive tests to ASA, per ASA Policy.
  • The DOC will instruct players/teams with COVID cases regarding required response
  • The privacy of a potentially afflicted member is the club’s top priority; full discretion will be applied to COVID cases, as described in FSC Policy.

Read the Club's Policy Here: FSC Return to Play Policy

If you have an interest in joining a Flagstaff United team or you would like more information about the upcoming season, click on the appropriate coach's name below. This will give you contact information for the coach by which to e-mail your interest or questions.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Director of Coaching: Holly Jones

2020-2021 Season Coaches


  • Flagstaff Soccer Club uses GotSoccer to register players for its Flagstaff United program.

  • Before you register for Flagstaff United, you will need to create a GotSoccer profile for your child. If your child has played Micro Soccer or Academy with us before, don't create a new profile; use your child's previous player profile.

  • There is no cost or obligation to make a GotSoccer profile. If this is your child's first season with Flagstaff Soccer Club, following this link: Create GotSoccer Profile

  • Once you have created the player profile, you can go to this link to sign-in and register for this season's Flagstaff United program: Register NOW for the 2020 / 2021 Season

  • The registration cost for the season is $100 per player.

  • Up to 50% financial scholarships are available for families who can provide documentation of one of the following: Nutrition Assistance, WIC, or AHCCCS. If your family qualifies for financial assistance, please contact the Director of Coaching at doc@flagstaffsoccerclub.com.


Coaches and Assistant Coaches

  • Flagstaff United employs licensed, highly qualified coaches to lead our teams.

  • If you would like to pursue a coaching position with Flagstaff United, follow the link to Coaching Opportunities to begin the application process.

Uniforms (Kits)

Flagstaff Soccer Club uses Soccer.com for uniform purchasing. Contact your coach or manager to find out what pieces of the uniform are required. Also inquire about which jersey numbers are available for your child.  When you have all the information to order your uniform, click this link: Soccer.com