Coaches, players, and all spectators are expected to have fun and help each other to foster a supportive and enjoyable environment for all players on both teams. We are all part of the Academy program and must work together to help encourage a positive experience for the players.


U7, U8 4v4

  • Each team plays with four players (4v4) without a goalkeeper.

  • The ball is size 4.

  • Field of play (pitch) is 20 yards wide and 26 yards long, divided by a halfway line and with two goals on each end.

  • The fields will be lined, but cones may be used to mark any lines that are difficult to see.

  • The two opposing teams will sit on the same sideline, and parents and spectators will be seated on the opposite side. All non-players are asked to remain at least 5 feet from the sidelines.

  • Team size shall not exceed 8 players per team.

  • All players need shin guards with socks pulled over them. Jewelry is not allowed.

  • Each game will be 45 minutes long, consisting of 4 10 minute quarters, with a 5 minute halftime. There is no stoppage of the clock.


Academy Specific Rules

  • The team listed first on the schedule is considered the “Home Team” and will wear pennies/bibs over their green Academy jerseys to distinguish themselves, and will also receive kickoff for the first half. The team listed second on the schedule is considered the “Away Team” and will wear their green Academy jerseys, and will receive kickoff for the second half.

  • Each player needs to play at least 60% of each game, and as such, unlimited substitutions may be made at any stoppage of the game (Goal Kick, Free Kick, Kick-in, or Corner Kick).

  • In this age group, the coaches coaching the game will act as “facilitators,” working together to manage and enforce the laws of the game as needed. They may enter the field of play to help make a call.

  • No cards are shown for misconduct. NO SLIDE TACKLING IS ALLOWED.

  • Overly aggressive play shall result in a foul, in which the fouled team will be granted a free kick from that spot. Coaches may use their discretion to keep the game safe and fun for everyone.

  • At the end of the game, both teams will line up and shake hands and congratulate each other.


Small Pitch Play Modifications

  • On a goal kick, all players for the opposing team need to be at midfield before the kick is taken. Once the kick is taken, the players from the opposing team can then proceed into the goal kick half.

  • There is NO OFFSIDES in this age group.

  • Hand balls and fouls by one team will result in a Free Kick for opposite team.

  • All Free Kicks are indirect (you cannot score by shooting a free kick directly into the goal), and the opponents must be at least 4 yards away from the ball until it is live and in play.

  • When the ball goes out of bounds, it shall be restarted by a Kick-in. The ball shall be placed either on or within a yard from the line out of play and kicked in. Kick-ins are considered as an indirect free kick.