Micro Soccer takes our club's mission statement seriously. The statement focuses on promoting a fun and positive soccer experience. To help guide players and parents, we have outlined below a list of responsibilities that we feel will help everybody get the most benefit out of their Micro Soccerseason. It is important that you and your child understand the following responsibilities:

Responsibilities of the Parent

  • To read all content of this website and email communications

  • To make sure the player arrives at practices and games on time

  • To ensure the player is properly equipped with shoes, socks, shin guards, shorts, T-shirt, plenty of water, ball, sunscreen, and warm jacket

  • To make sure their shoelaces are tied tight!!

  • To stay at practice and games whenever possible

  • To inform the coach if a player cannot attend practice or a game

  • To encourage your child and your child’s team. A good rule to follow is to cheer only after something has happened, e.g. “Nice shot!” or “Great block!”

  • To acknowledge the other team’s goals and good plays

  • To support the coach and leave the actual coaching up to him/her

  • To be positive and not let your team’s performance change your attitude

  • Above all, to let your child be what he or she is – a child


Responsibilities of the Player

  • To bring soccer gear to practice

  • To perform up to your own potential and always exercise good sportsmanship

  • To get to know your teammates and appreciate what you have in common and what makes you different

  • To arrive to practice and games on time (explain this to Mom and Dad)

  • To listen and be respectful of your coach