What is the Flagstaff Soccer Club?

The Flagstaff Soccer Club (FSC) was formed in 1988. It was originally named the “Flagstaff Snow Devils” and began with one team. The Club was established to provide youth in Flagstaff and the surrounding areas an opportunity to participate in organized and competitive soccer.  FSC has developed into the premier soccer development program in northern Arizona. The club has three major programs: Micro Soccer, Academy, and Flagstaff United. FSC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization affiliated with the Arizona Youth Soccer Association (AYSA) and the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA).



What is Micro Soccer?

Micro Soccer is an international program designed by former Canadian World Cup Coach and England National team player, Tony Waiters and United States Soccer Federation Director of Education, Bobby Howe. Flagstaff Micro Soccer provides educational and developmental training for younger players in small-sided (less than 11-players) co-ed soccer games. The concept behind Micro Soccer is to allow more touches on the ball by having small teams playing on small fields. Micro Soccer emphasizes basic soccer skills while having lots of fun.


How long has Micro Soccer been in Flagstaff?

Flagstaff Soccer Club first introduced Micro Soccer in 1994. It was a big hit and has grown in popularity in the years since its inception. Micro Soccer continues to evolve to give the best experience to young players just learning about the game of soccer.



Why does Micro Soccer play small-sided games (less than 11 players per side)?

1. More touches on the ball

2. The opportunity to experience both technical and tactical situations frequently in a game

3. Constant transition from attacking to defensive situations

4. The opportunity to be in a goal scoring position more often

5. Lower player to coach ratio

6. Fun!



How old do you need to be to play Micro Soccer?

We follow the definition of age level as set forth by the Arizona Youth Soccer Association. Age level is determined by the player's year of birth (e.g. 2005 or 2009). To determine if your child is eligible to play this season, please refer to the age requirement table here.



When is the Micro Soccer season?

Every year Micro Soccer has two seasons - spring and fall. You can play either or, preferably, both seasons. The spring season generally starts in April and ends in June. The fall season runs from mid-August through early-October. Click here to read more about this season's dates.



Where and when are Micro Soccer practices?

Practices are held Monday Tuesday or Wednesday evenings from 5-6:00 pm on the Thorpe Multipurpose Fields located at 1000 N. Thorpe Road. Click here for a Google Map of the location. You will be informed of your practice day by email one week before Opening Day. Practices don't commence until after Opening Day.



Where and when are Micro Soccer games?

All games are held on Sunday afternoons on the Thorpe Multipurpose Fields located at 1000 N. Thorpe Road. Click here for a Google Map of the location. You will be informed of your game schedule by email one week before Opening Day.



What does Micro Soccer cost and what does it cover?

The registration fee per season is $70 and will be $80 after March 31 for all Micro Soccer divisions. Fees cover AYSA registration, insurance, a team shirt, and a pair of soccer socks.  They also help pay for the soccer equipment, coaching supplies, and the cost of running the program.



Are scholarships available for Micro Soccer?

Yes. Scholarships for financial hardship are available to some players. The registration fee for a player with a scholarship is half (50%) what the player would otherwise pay. The discounted registration fee is a full registration including a team shirt and matching socks. To apply for a Micro Soccer scholarship, you will need to speak to the Micro Soccer Director and provide documentation of one of the following: Nutrition Assistance, WIC, or AHCCCS.



What equipment will players need for Micro Soccer?

Ball: Each player should have a size 3 ball.

Shin guards: Each player must wear shin guards at all practices and games. Shin guards must be covered by socks or sweatpants.

Cleats or sneakers: Although cleats are not required, players wearing cleats have a definite advantage over players wearing sneakers.

Team shirt and soccer socks: You will receive these from your coach on Opening Day.

Sun screen: It is recommended for both practices and games.

Water bottle: Each player needs to keep themselves well-hydrated.



What is the refund policy for Micro Soccer?

If a conflict arises and your child is unable to participate, you need to inform the Micro Soccer Director at least a week before Opening Day in order to receive a full refund. We will make that space available to someone on our waiting list. If you cancel after the season has begun, a partial refund may or may not be available. These late cancelations will be handled on a case-by-case basis.



What if my child is too old to play Micro Soccer?

For older children, Flagstaff Soccer Club offers two terrific options. Academy and Flagstaff United soccer programs continue the learning and skills development that your child started in Micro Soccer. Academy is a recreational (non-travel) soccer experience. The Academy program has two 11-week seasons per year. The Flagstaff United program is composed of our advanced, competitive teams that travel throughout Arizona. United teams are instructed by licensed coaches with particular expertise in working with youth soccer players.