Flagstaff Micro Soccer is modeled after the international Micro Soccer program which was designed by former Canadian World Cup Coach and England National team player, Tony Waiters and United States Soccer Federation Director of Education, Bobby Howe.


Micro Soccer utilizes small-sided games (less than 11-players per side) to provide a positive recreational co-ed soccer experience for young children. The concept behind Micro Soccer is for children to play with small teams on a small field. Small-sided games provide opportunities for more touches on the ball, for a constant transition between attacking and defensive situations, for players to be in a goal scoring position more often, and for a lower player to coach ratio. The smaller field size brings the game down to the children’s size and emphasizes the concept of the triangle which is fundamental to the game of soccer. Small-sided games compel each player to become involved in the game, thus everyone gets a chance to kick, dribble, shoot, and score.

Micro Soccer at a Glance:

What: An 8-week, recreational soccer program for young players just starting out. Micro Soccer is built on having fun. The goal is to nurture a love for the game and to teach basic skills - dribbling, passing, scoring.

Where: All games and practices are held on the Thorpe Multipurpose Fields.

How Much: $70 for an 8-week season. .  This includes a Micro Soccer shirt. *Need based scholarships are available for qualifying players.

Player Requirements: There is no skill or experience requirement to play with Micro Soccer. All you need is a ball, shin guards, athletic shoes (preferably soccer cleats), and a ready-to-have-fun attitude!


The game is the greatest teacher. Micro Soccer simplifies the rules so

that the game is age-appropriate, easy to learn, and FUN. This provides an environment where the players can develop their soccer skills and will learn over time where to position themselves on the field. By letting the kids learn at their own rate, without the pressure to perform, they will become life-long lovers of the game.



Micro Soccer is offered twice a year. There is a fall and spring season. Each lasts 8 weeks in duration.


Age Groups

Children are divided into groups depending on the year that they were born. Because of the differing maturity of players at fall and spring seasons, the birth year composition is slightly different for these two sessions. Click this link to view a table of acceptable birthdates to play Micro Soccer.


Team Composition

Each team has 6-8 players under the instruction of a parent coach. The teams are co-ed (i.e. both boys and girls on the same team).



All Micro Soccer teams are coached by parents or other volunteers. Please consider becoming the coach or assistant coach for your child’s team this season. Previous experience as a coach or player is not necessary and the Micro Soccer program provides training resources for you. Some teams may wish to enlist an assistant coach as well. We hold a Micro Soccer Coaches’ Clinic every season. We encourage all coaches, assistant coaches, and anyone else who would like to learn more about coaching to attend. All coaches and assistant coaches must complete a free background check from Arizona Youth Soccer Association prior to Opening Day.



Practices will begin the week after Opening Day for all players. Practices are held one evening each week (Tuesday or Wednesday) from 5:15-6:15 pm on the Thorpe Multipurpose Fields located at 1000 N. Thorpe Road. Two teams are assigned to each practice field. Generally, teams engage in fun activities that teach soccer skills for the first 30 minutes of practice and then scrimmage the field partner team for the last 30 minutes of practice.



All games will be held on Sunday afternoons on the Thorpe Multipurpose Fields located at 1000 N. Thorpe Road. Teams play a 4v4 game without a goalkeeper for 30 minutes. Teams play two games per Sunday except for Opening Day and Picture Day when they will play just one game.



We want every season to be enjoyable for both your child and you. Before the season begins, make sure you read "Parent & Player Reponsibilities". It sets forth expectations that you and your child should strive for to make this the best Micro Soccer season yet!


Micro Soccer is part of Flagstaff Soccer Club - the premier soccer development and experience in Flagstaff. There are more than 100 players that play Micro Soccer each season. If you want to explore more information about Micro Soccer: choose another Micro Soccer topic from the main menu above, click here to read more about this season's details, or feel free to e-mail the Micro Soccer Coordinator with any questions that you may have.