OK, so quite frankly you've happened upon the most boring part of our website. Here you will find various documents and files that the club uses for administrative purposes. You are welcome to peruse these files if you wish, but they are really intended to give our members access to this information:

Flagstaff Soccer Club Bylaws: 

Rules and Regulations: 

Income Form: 

Expense Form: 

Treasurer Forms and Information


Please use the following income or expense reports when exchanging funds with the Flagstaff Soccer Club.







Here is some useful information from our Club Treasurer:


Expect checks to be written on Thursdays. Please plan accordingly.


You can email or snail mail your information to me.


Check requests are easiest if emailed to me as an attachment. Most everyone can do that. Most of your team expenses should be paid by the Club rather than paid personally and then reimbursed. Please try to keep reimbursements to a minimum and ALWAYS turn in receipts with your requests. I will not issue a check without the receipts.


Please use the registration/uniform form just for those items. Dues and fundraising money should be listed on the Income Form and both the team treasurer and I will sign the report and keep a copy.


Any team uniforms (bags, warm-ups, etc) which are NOT Club uniforms will be paid out of your team account and money collected for these should be listed on the Income Form.

Scholarship requests should be sent to me via email or snail mail. The Club awards scholarships for registration with the main criteria for qualification free or reduced school lunch. If you are requesting a scholarship, please write a letter indicating this and attach a copy of your FUSD form for request for free or reduced lunch. I will bring all scholarship request to the Board for approval and will notify those applying as soon as I know.


Monthly Player Dues are due on the 1st of the month and late on the 15th of the same month. If you have not received payment by the 15th, please notify me immediately as we are now pulling player cards on the 16th. You might want to let all of your player parents know.


Please keep a running total of your team’s account balance, number of Club paid tournaments and team paid tournaments. This is very important because we will not be allowing negative team account balances.


If you have a player that has dropped / stopped playing, please remind your team’s coach and/or manager that the drop papers need to be filled out, signed by the player parent and turned in to the registrar. If these papers are not turned in, the player will still owe their dues until they are as we have to continue paying AYSA.


Never hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns; I am always here to help.  And you can never over-communicate with me.



Please email the Club Treasurer at should you have any questions.

Policy Agreement: 

Sideline Behavior: 

Player-Parent Discipline Procedures: 

Parent-Player Agreement: 

Grievance Procedure: 

Financial Agreement: 

Communication Policy: