Micro Soccer is a great place to begin coaching youth sports. Our simplified rules and low player to coach ratio makes it easier to learn the basics of coaching soccer. Many of our coaches start out with little soccer experience, but they have a great rapport with kids, the ability to lead, a sense of humor, and lots of patience.


Once the season begins, you will need to plan one practice/week on a weekday and two games on Sunday afternoon. We pair all of our coaches with a practice team coach; this means that you will have your own team, but you will plan your practice and share a practice field with another team and coach. We make every attempt to pair new coaches with experienced coaches to provide a mentoring situation.


If you are interested in coaching, please check the appopriate box when you register your child and we will contact you. Please indicate your preferred practice day (Tuesday or Wednesday) as well; we make every attempt to accommodate the requests of our coaches. We’ll see you on the fields!


Responsibilities of the Coach

  • To know the rules of the game and to pass that knowledge on to young players.

  • To plan practice sessions, and to plan for the game (pre-game instructions, substitute system).

  • To be on time for practices and games.

  • To welcome other coaches and parents.

  • To give players equal opportunity and equal time.

  • To listen to the players.

  • To encourage and be positive in correcting faults.

  • To be prepared to restrain, politely but firmly, over-enthusiastic parents.

  • To discuss player progress with parents.


Coaching Clinic

Before every season, Micro Soccer offers a free coaching clinic for all Micro Soccer coaches and anyone interested in learning more about coaching.  You should come dressed to play soccer and bring along a soccer ball (if possible), water bottle, chair, clipboard and pen.


After filling out a registration and disclosure form, we’ll discuss the Micro Soccer program and the upcoming season in detail. We’ll review Micro Soccer rules, our expectations of our coaches, and what coaches should expect from players and parents. We will involve all of the coaches in age appropriate practice game demonstrations and a short Micro Soccer game.


We strongly encourage all first-time and returning coaches to make the time to attend the clinic. Our goal is for all of our coaches to get on the same page so that we have consistency throughout the program.


Coaching Aids

Micro Soccer offers the following coaching aids.  If you have any recommended books, websites, or other aids, please contact us and we’ll add it to this website.


Soccer First Aid - The basics of first aid.  Only a starting guide, please read and make sure you’re  prepared to handle situations that may come up during a game or practice.


Over-Coaching - Try to resist the urge...  This short document outlines the dangers involved and the results of over-coaching.


Practice Plan - A blank form to help organize your practices and keep you focused on what your team needs to improve.


How to Make Competition Work for Your Child By Kathryn Kvols - An analysis of negative effects that competition can have on children (which is one reason why we don’t keep score!!!) on some ways to make any experience positive for your child (or the other children you are coaching).


Participant Responsibilities - A printable document spelling out all the expectations and responsibilities that your players and their parents are expected to respect.  Give a copy to each of your team’s parents.


Practice Aids

Ages 4-6

Balance and Coordination for U6

Dribbling for U6


Ages 4-8

Dribbling for U8

Pair Activities for U8