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Welcome to Flagstaff Soccer Club’s Academy Program. Around the world, most children learn to play soccer in the street or in the playground. There are no coaches, no referees, just kids having fun. It is said that the game itself is the best teacher. By playing the game, the children will develop their skills and learn intuitively over time where to position themselves. By not keeping score, we keep the players (and parents) focused on the game and having fun. Academy is structured to optimize the players’ learning by pitting small teams, on small fields, with small soccer balls. Everyone gets a chance to dribble, pass, and shoot for goal.

In order to ensure that everybody enjoys this season of Academy, please commit to these responsibilities:

Responsibilities of the Parent 

  • Read all of the information included in your child’s Opening Day bag
  • Make sure your child arrives at practice and games on time
  • Ensure your child is properly dressed in shoes, soccer socks, shin guards, shorts, T-shirt, no jewelry, and a warm jacket, if needed
  • Make sure their shoelaces are double knotted
  • Have your child bring a size #4 soccer ball, plenty of water, and sunscreen 
  • Stay at practice and games whenever possible. If you must leave, make sure you return before practice or the game is over
  • Inform the coach if your child cannot attend a practice or a game
  • Encourage your child and teammates. A good rule of thumb is to cheer after something good has happened (e.g. “Nice shot!”, “Great block!”, etc.)
  • Support the coach and leave the actual coaching up to them 
  • Model good sportsmanship and acknowledge the opponent’s goals and good plays
  • Be positive and don’t let your team’s performance change your attitude
  • Volunteer to help move goals, provide snacks, or assist the coach
  • Above all, let your child be what they are – a child

Responsibilities of the Player 

  • Bring your soccer gear to practice and games
  • Get to practice and games on time (explain this to your parents)
  • Try your best
  • Have fun!