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Coaching Opportunities

Coaching Academy soccer is a fantastic opportunity to make a huge difference in the youth of our community. We do not require that you have playing or coaching experience. If you believe that you would be a good coach, we want to foster your passion!

Once the season begins, you will organize a 75-minute practice per week. We partner all of our teams with another team that practices on the same night. We recommend that you work with your team the first part of the practice session and then scrimmage your partner team towards the end of the practice. See the "Coaching Academy Manual" for more detail. We make every attempt to pair new coaches with experienced coaches to provide a mentoring environment. On Sundays, your team will play one game against another Academy team or an age-matched Flagstaff United team. For games, coaches need to continue to be positive role models, and try and reinforce the skills that were worked on during the week at practice and Academy Skills training.  Positivity and energy are the top priorities!

If you are interested in coaching, please fill out the appropriate box when you register your child, and we will contact you. Please indicate your preferred practice day (Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday). If you do not have a child that will be registering for Academy, please contact the Academy Director to indicate your interest in coaching one of our Academy teams. We make every attempt to accommodate the requests of our coaches. We’ll see you on the fields!

Coaching Responsibilities

  • Foster fun
  • Know the rules of the game and to pass that knowledge onto your players
  • Plan practice sessions and prepare for games (pre-game instructions, substitution system)
  • Be on time for practices and games
  • Welcome other coaches and parents
  • Give players equal opportunity and equal time
  • Listen to your players
  • Encourage and praise more than correct and discipline
  • Be prepared to restrain, politely but firmly, over-enthusiastic parents

Coaches Clinic

Before every season, Academy offers a free 1-hour coaching clinic for all Academy coaches.  You will be notified as to the date and place of the clinic. You should come dressed to play soccer and bring along a soccer ball (if possible), water bottle, chair, clipboard and pen. You will learn about the Academy program and the upcoming season in detail. We’ll review Academy rules, our expectations of our coaches, and what coaches should expect from players and parents. We will involve all of the coaches in practice and game demonstrations. We strongly encourage all first-time and returning coaches to attend the clinic. Our goal is for all of our coaches to get on the same page so that we have consistency throughout the program.

Coaching Resources

Being a good Academy coach is quite easy if you remember to make it FUN! You are encouraged to take the USSF Introduction to Grassroots Coaching module. It is free and online. We support your interest in coaching soccer. If you would like to enhance your coaching education, Flagstaff Soccer Club will reimburse your registration fee for the Online USSF 7v7 Grassroots course if completed before the end of the Academy season. Contact the Academy Director for more information. Academy offers the following coaching resources for your consideration:

Videos of fun activities that you can incorporate into your practice: