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About Academy

The Fall, Flagstaff Soccer Club Academy season starts Sunday, August 30.  Designed for boys and girls ages 7-12, the FSC Academy is designed to develop well-balanced and technical soccer players in an environment that is challenging, fun, and focused on the long-term development of the individual soccer player.

The FSC Academy allows players an opportunity to develop and strengthen skills under the guidance of professional youth soccer coaches, without the added financial expense, time commitment, or competitive pressure of our FSC Competitive Club program.  If you want the fun, affordability, and convenience of local recreational soccer, but with the professional coaching structure and support of our competitive program, the FSC Academy will be a good fit for your young soccer player and your family.

The purpose of academy style training is to ensure that all players develop appropriately for their age and developmental stage.  The focus is on individual skill acquisition rather than team tactics and philosophies.  Each week, players will attend one (1) academy training day, one (1) academy team practice with their designated team, and in-house jamboree style academy games with their academy team on Sundays.  Additionally, each ten (10) week program will also include the opportunity for your son or daughter to play in one of our local Flagstaff Soccer Tournaments (Soccer at the Summit or the Northern Arizona Invitational) against other out of town clubs.

If you have any questions regarding the Flagstaff Soccer Club Academy, please contact Ben Dove, FSC Academy Director, at academy@flagstaffsoccerclub.com and (928) 607-9691.

About Micro Soccer

Flagstaff Micro Soccer is modeled after the international Micro Soccer© program which was designed by former Canadian World Cup Coach and England National team player, Tony Waiters and United States Soccer Federation Director of Education, Bobby Howe (www.worldofsoccer.com).

Kids playing Micro Soccer

Flagstaff Micro Soccer utilizes small-sided games to provide a positive recreational co-ed soccer experience for children ages 4 to 12. The concept behind Micro Soccer is for children to play with small teams on a small field. Small-sided games provide opportunities for more touches on the ball, for a constant transition between attacking and defensive situations, for players to be in a goal scoring position more often, and for a lower player to coach ratio. The smaller field size brings the game down to the children’s size and emphasizes the concept of the triangle which is fundamental to the game of soccer. Small-sided games compel each player to become involved in the game, thus everyone gets a chance to kick, dribble, shoot, and score.  Our team organization page has more detailed information.

The game is the great teacher. Micro Soccer simplifies the rules so that the game is age-appropriate, easy to learn, and FUN. This provides an environment where the players can develop their soccer skills and will learn over time where to position themselves on the field. By letting the kids learn at their own rate, without the pressure to perform, they will become life-long lovers of the game.

Flagstaff Micro Soccer encourages players to play competitively, but an antagonistic or un-sportsmanlike attitude is not in keeping with our philosophy and will not be tolerated. This applies to players, coaches, and parents alike.

We do not keep score in Micro Soccer. This keeps everyone, players, parents, and coaches alike, focused on The Game and not an end score. There are no winners or losers. Everyone plays to learn and have fun.

Flagstaff Micro Soccer is part of Flagstaff Soccer Club. Flagstaff Micro Soccer currently has more than 400 players registered each spring and fall season.

If you have questions, view our FAQ page.

Mission Statement

To develop and deliver a quality Micro Soccer program which promotes a fun and positive small-sided soccer experience.  For additional information, review  Responsibilities of the Player and Parent

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